Gain Financial Independence By Reading Money Master The Game

It will seem to be fun if someone says that he/she is going to retire from the work at the age of 40. Statistically, you will find that only a few numbers of people are willing to do so. Hence, by the time you get retired, you must have handful of money so that you can live your life comfortably. Also, there are lots of people around the world, who earn well in their life but fail in management of money. Therefore, there is a need to guide them for increasing their finances. A book named Money master the game is helpful to people for smart handling of their money so that at no point of time in their life they have to be dependent on anyone.

About the author

Tony Robbins in his new book money master the game has discussed about the easy seven steps which help to become financially independent. This is a recent launched but a big buzz among the readers which includes business professionals, house wives and students. The author of this book is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and a speaker who has opened up several industries in different areas. Generally, he uses to donate a major part of his profits from these companies to poor children and for the welfare of the society. Mr. Robbins is said to have the huge capacity to inspire the people for their better life. Due to this talent of the author, he is being called by the several social and public events for guiding the newbies to become financially independent and start saving at the earliest age.

About the book

In this book, the author has given advice related to Automation of your investments, Diversification of your investments and about Investing in low cost index funds. In the book, there is description about the different investment tools like bonds, stacks, retirement accounts, annuities and everything else which is linked in between. This book is written after a thorough research and one on one interview with more than 50 financial experts from all around the world. Metaphors, stories and live illustrations are described in the book which helps the readers to easily understand what the author is trying to say. These help the readers to relate their life easily with the example described in the book Money master the game. This book is the best seller and helpful to the readers in getting valuable information for getting your finances in order.

This book is of about 600 pages so it is little bit lengthier to read thus reader is needed to be focused while reading. There are different sections in the book which makes it easier for the readers to read the book.

Summary of the book

This book is basically concentrated on the US market and gives a good overview of the important part of your finances that you must look into and check out the execution of various tools to save your money, invest it and get the good reap from it so that you can become financially independent. The author has given several investing tips for the readers so that they can maximize their investments and reap the higher investment benefits. The basic mantra for increasing your money is: earn more, spend wisely and invest in the right plan. Automation of the investment process is also the key for making money.

In this book, Tony has also talked about portfolio allocations, several strategies and investment types. It will help you to understand how the financial advisors make fool of you, how you are being screwed by the mutual fund investment companies, chit fund companies and insurance companies. You also learn about how to get started with it and what is the need. Various tips for managing your finances are also described in the book. Note that all the strategies and tips described in the book are based on the findings by the author and the extensive research by the professional financial experts. These strategies and tips have been validated by the author before he inked them in his book.

Recommendations by the author

Here are some recommendations of the author which he has described in his book for getting financially independent:

  • Less management fees should be paid hence there is a need to hire the financial advisors or money managers only if you fail to do it by yourself. Otherwise, you should learn to manage your own finances.
  • In order to remain in the stock market, you are required to keep investing and should not get mislead by the past performances.
  • Dump your broker as they are the ones who charge commission on everything they sell it to you. So, you should be wise enough to handle all your finances and the related issues.

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This book is available for download in the pdf format on your android and iOS smartphone. You can visit the official website of Money master the game and simply download it. There are some websites at which this book is available for free. When you download this book, you will be able to bookmark the page so that next time when you continue reading, you can start from where you have left the last time.

Buy it from the online stores

There are lots of online stores from where you can buy your book right now. You can search it on the online stores where it is available at the best rate. You simply have to login on the online store and find the book. Make sure that you pick the right book as there are many other similar books also available on the store. You can check out the author’s name, publication and edition of the book. After placing the order for eBook, you will get the CD of the book which makes it easier for you to read it on your PC or laptop. Buying the eBook from the online store is a wise investment towards gaining the financial independence.